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Tomorrow's Gazette

Mon, 27/02/2023 - 15:45

On Tuesday night another 40-page Glentoran Gazette profiles a Jekyll and Hyde Glenavon side who are struggling for form while Matthew Brown talks to former Lurgan Blues’ star Bobby Burns who is also Beth Stafford’s programme cover star. Former Northern Ireland captain Martin O’Neill reveals he could have been a Glenman and the programme publishers, the 1923 Committee, take a stand on spectator misbehaviour. In a World Cup special John Grayden calls for the implementation locally of the additional time policy at the tournament, while Paul Vance hails the rise of the MLS following the showings of the USA and Canada in Qatar. Clifford Skillen blames his father for his decades-long Glentoran addiction, Brian McClelland concludes his feature on “God’s Englishman”, former Glens manager Frank Grice, while Henry Muldrew tours diverse grounds in the latest part of his English odyssey. There’s also a birthday surprise for a fan and, of course, Norman Ternahan and Thomas Sewell bring all the match action  in words and pictures in your big Tuesday night read. The 40-page Gazette, by the fans for the fans, is £4.

NOTE: This edition is the one printed for the original game postponed on 10th December.