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The Glentoran Gazette needs you

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 13:38

Eddy Patrick from the Glentoran Gazette team is looking for Glens supporters to help him with two new series he’s planning for next season’s Gazette. If you are able to help please contact Eddy on the email address below.

What a team!

This series which will be named “What a Team!” gives fans of all ages to select their all-time
favourite players in a mythical dream team select side.

The rules are simple:

1. Any formation you want

2. 11 players only- no subs.

3. Pick players from your era only. No including Fred Roberts or Sammy Hughes if you didn’t
watch them regularly.

4.  Be realistic with positions, don’t try and shoehorn players in, in positions they never

5. Give brief thoughts on players on why you picked certain one and maybe one special
player who just missed out. I would particularly welcome supporters who can recall players
from 60s-70s eras as that may be under represented.

The teams can be submitted via email. So please if interested send Eddy an initial email and
he will send you a quick guide and questions.

Please contact Eddy Patrick if interested


The Glentoran Family

This series will focus on the strong bond between family members who attend matches
together, their relationship with each other and what Glentoran FC means to each of them.
Attending a match with your parent or children can be that special interest that binds a
family together as we experience the highs and lows together as both supporters and family.
Your loved ones will always come first but without Glentoran FC there wouldn’t be that
motivation on a Saturday afternoon to spend time with each other and share all the
emotions with someone close to you. Also stories about fathers/uncles/mothers and so on
who have passed away but who initiated your love for the Glens would be of interest. I
believe there must be a huge number of fathers and sons who sit in the stands together. I
​would be interested in a married couple who go to the Oval together and particularly in
mothers who take their kid/kids to matches as they could be under represented.   Also
supporters with a rich family history with Glentoran FC that goes back many generations
following the Cock n’ Hens.  Please if you’re interested drop me an email address and a brief description of people
involved and the story. The sooner the better as it would be nice to get this included from
the first issue of 2017/18.

Please email: