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Glentoran Community Trust

Glentoran Community Trust

Northern Ireland's First Ever Supporters' Trust

The aims of the Trust are all about you and your club, bringing it closer to the Community of East Belfast and beyond, by helping the development of young footballers, supporters and promoting active citizenship with the Club at the hub - while enshrined in the Trust Constitution, the Trust members, must get something tangible in return.

By supporting the Trust you support these ideals. The cost of running the Trust will be kept to a minimum and will be met from a proportion of the membership fees, and both private and public funding.

By supporting the Trust, you will ensure that the supporters will always aspire to have a significant say in how the club is run. We believe that the Trust, by bringing the community closer to the club, OUR club, will create renewed interest in Glentoran FC as a valuable asset to the people of East Belfast.

More information and how to join the trust can be found at