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Glentoran Chaplain

Glentoran Chaplain

About the Club Chaplain

David Thompson has been Chaplain at Glentoran Football Club since 2002. During that time he has sought to be a quiet presence for good both behind the scenes and in more official capacities.

David is a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. His present role involves helping local churches find ways of re-engaging with their communities. He works with a wide variety of denominations across Ireland and in the UK.

At Glentoran, David is there to serve people of all faiths and none.


The Chaplain’s Role

David’s role is to be there to provide support for the general well-being of club officials, staff, players and supporters as need arises. He also represents the club as requested in support of its engagement in community activities.

Perhaps you would welcome:

  • someone to lend a listening ear about issues beyond the field of play
  • someone to visit you or family members who are ill or in need
  • someone to provide support during a particularly challenging situation you are going through
  • someone to advise about, or take part in, a family ceremony such as a wedding or funeral
  • someone to act in an official capacity for your supporters’ club or association

These are the kinds of situations in which you might want to be in touch with David.


You can reach David most quickly:

By email at                           

By telephone at 07974069464