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Statement From The Board of Directors

Wed, 16/10/2013 - 20:27

Statement from Glentoran F.C. 16th October 2013.

With reference to the article by Graham Luney in the Belfast Telegraph on 15th October.

We accept that Graham’s article was generally measured and was not intended to be malicious. However, it has clearly misjudged the mood and attitude of the vast majority of Glentoran supporters.

Now that we have completed the first full round of league games, it is appropriate for us at Glentoran FC to acknowledge and thank the club’s loyal supporters for their patience and for their support during what has been a period of unprecedented change within our club.

It is public knowledge that Glentoran have faced a significant level of financial difficulty over the past three years which has necessitated a dramatic reduction in our wage bill and the consequent loss of some senior and previously popular players. This has meant that our manager, Eddie Patterson, has had to create and manage a team with a budget that is now some 75% lower than that enjoyed by some previous managers of our club and which is below the level enjoyed by many of our competitors. Despite these constraints, Eddie and the team have enjoyed the backing of the vast majority of our supporters since he joined the club in 2012.

The Board, management and loyal players of Glentoran understand the traditional expectation of our club’s supporters.  Throughout the club’s 131 year history Glentoran has demanded of itself and enjoyed a high level of success and everyone involved in the club is working tirelessly to ensure that this continues. Last season’s Irish Cup win was an example of the determination and grit that this club has always displayed, whatever the circumstances, and it is these very traits that will help safeguard the club’s long term future as a successful football club based in our traditional heartland of East Belfast.

Eddie Patterson and everyone else at Glentoran understand the expectation to deliver. We can assure our loyal supporters that their patience will be rewarded with a secure and successful future for the club.