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Glentoran Football Club Launches Primary School ‘Match-Fit’ Fundamentals Pilot Programme

Tue, 14/06/2011 - 09:30

Match Fit Programme

St Matthew’s and Victoria Primary School pupils Aoife Carew, Amy Hands, Clayton Girvan and James Montgomery help Bobby Murphy, Glentoran Community Coach (left) and Russell Lever, Glentoran Community Relations Officer (right) launch Glentoran’s ‘Match-Fit’ Fundamentals Pilot Programme.

Glentoran Football Club has launched its Primary School ‘Match-Fit’ Fundamentals Pilot Programme. 

The Glentoran ‘Match-Fit’ Fundamentals Pilot Programme – funded by the IFI, Community Bridges Programme - will see 8 local Primary Schools receive two week’s free fundamentals coaching, with an emphasis on fun and developing new and existing skills.

The programme - delivered by Glentoran’s new Community Coach - will also include an introductory Healthy Lifestyle Workshop to educate pupils on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and participating in sports.

The local schools participating in the pilot programme are: St Malachy’s PS, Harding Memorial PS, St Matthew’s PS, Victoria PS, St Joseph’s PS, Knocknagoney PS, Rosetta PS and Holy Rosary PS.

Russell Lever, Community Relations Officer at Glentoran Football Club, said: “The ‘Match-Fit’ Fundamentals Pilot Programme aims to provide local children with a positive introduction to sport at an early age.

“The programme will focus on teaching children the fundamentals of movement through football, helping them have fun and express themselves. It will also introduce children to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, whilst teaching them important qualities such as respect, discipline and teamwork.”

“Based on the success of the initial pilot programme, Glentoran Football Club will aim to roll-out an expanded 6-8 week programme across local schools in East Belfast.” 

For more information on the Glentoran ‘Match-Fit’ Fundamentals Pilot Programme, please contact Russell Lever, Community Relations Officer, Glentoran Football Club on