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Supporter information for Saturday's fixture

Thu, 04/10/2012 - 18:26

The PSNI have provided the following information for fans travelling to Seaview on Saturday.


1. Glentoran Fans travelling by private car to Seaview on Saturday 6th October 2012 are requested to consider local resident and emergency vehicle access when deciding where and how to park in the Shore Road area.

2. Glentoran fans travelling by coach are requested to approach Seaview from the Fortwilliam Roundabout direction in order to drop off and pick up. This is to maximise pedestrian safety and minimise traffic issues.

Coaches staying at the match will be facilitated to park on the wide footpath between Skegoniel Avenue and Northwood Parade. Coaches leaving Seaview will exit the area via Fortwilliam Roundabout/ M2.

3. Police are reminding fans that there are specific offences created by the Criminal Justice Act NI 2011 in relation to soccer matches-

  • Possession of Fireworks/Flares etc
  • Throwing Articles capable of causing injury
  • Going on to the Playing area
  • Sectarian Chanting
  • Drinking on Passenger Carrying Vehicles

4. In addition fans are reminded that the areas involved are “No Street Drinking” zones under Belfast City Council By-Laws. Any Street drinking taking place will be dealt with and any alcohol found seized.

5. Maximum Use of CCTV/ Video Evidence will be made as part of the Policing Operation in an effort to deal with any such offences which come to light.

Police will take all steps to identify and deal with anyone who has been or is committing offences.

6. It is hoped that a common sense approach to the day can be taken by all and the occasion enjoyed.

It is vitally important for supporter and community safety that these instructions are complied with.