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Tue, 24/12/2019 - 14:45

As you will all be aware, there has been a great demand for tickets for our Boxing Day Danske Bank Premiership fixture against Linfield at the Oval.

Glentoran FC have issued the correct number of tickets for each area of the Oval stadium in accordance with our Safety Certificate.

All supporters should please note that both the PSNI and club security personnel will be checking tickets prior to entry and any supporter who does not have the correct ticket for the area of the ground they are trying to access will be denied entry.

Glentoran will also use their CCTV system to identify any supporter(s) who may have gone into a designated opposition area. Such supporters will be ejected from the stadium on the grounds of their own safety and also to comply with Public Order legislation.

Supporters WILL NOT be transferred from one area of the ground to another. As stated above each area's capacity has been maximised in accordance with our Safety Certificate and to allow movement would be in contravention of the certificate.

We request that all supporters comply with the above and when inside the stadium follow the instructions of the Stewards and Security Staff at all times.

Thank you.