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Statement from Glentoran Football Club

Wed, 20/05/2020 - 14:14

Statement from the Board of Directors of Glentoran Football Club:

“It has been brought to our attention that Glentoran supporters were subject to an outrageous and completely baseless allegation made in today’s Belfast Telegraph.

Following our match at Larne in January this club said “"Glentoran FC fully understands that passions run high between some players and supporters and that banter and interaction is all a core part of the game. However, we would urge supporters of all clubs to avoid crossing the line between banter and abuse that damages both the game and individuals within the game."

This was in relation to abuse reportedly directed at the Larne goalkeeper. However, in today’s article, Graham Luney extended the story to include an allegation about the nature of some alleged “taunting”. The article has been subsequently amended on the online edition, to remove the allegation, but it remains in today’s print edition with the result that unfair damage has still been done to the good reputation of the broad Glentoran support.

We understand that at present it is difficult for sports journalists to fill space in their newspapers. The vast majority have done an excellent, positive job in very trying circumstances of keeping supporters of all clubs informed. Glentoran fully respects their work and has worked closely with our local media throughout the current lockdown. We will continue to do so in good faith and in a spirit of mutual co-operation.

However, we will not accept our supporters being used in this way. The Glentoran support has been exceptional throughout the current season and they can rest assured their club will defend them when necessary

Senior representatives of Glentoran will seeking consultation with the Editor to express concerns about treatment of the club in the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life.”