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Statement from Glentoran FC

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 14:24


The Glentoran Partnership

On Tuesday morning, 28th August, The Glentoran Partnership was the subject of a "winding up" order initiated by Land & Property Services.

Whilst this is a matter of extreme regret, we wish to make it clear that this does not in any way affect the legal or financial status of Glentoran FC.

The Glentoran Partnership is a registered charity and, as such, is an entirely separate entity from Glentoran FC. At the heart of the matter, The Glentoran Partnership acted in good faith and to be wound up in this manner is, in our opinion, wasteful.   

The entire Glentoran FC Board are extremely dismayed and disappointed that Land & Property Services has taken such a step, especially  when a firm and detailed proposal had been put forward that would have fully satisfied the outstanding debt, over time. Given that an offer of settlement was made to Land & Property Services on behalf of The Glentoran Partnership, we are at a loss to understand the motivation behind this action. To destroy an active and highly successful cross-community charity, which brought benefit to many thousands of young people is, in our view, wholly inappropriate and unnecessary. Such action cannot in any way benefit either the citizens of Northern Ireland or any of the stakeholders of Land & Property Services."

We are deeply grateful for the tremendous achievements of The Glentoran Partnership and would pay tribute to the significant contribution made by all of those involved in leading our highly acclaimed community engagement initiatives.