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Squad News: Conor McMenamin

Sat, 19/11/2022 - 14:30

We are pleased to announce that Conor McMenamin has been cleared to take part in training.
After initial X-rays a ‘spiral fibula fracture’ was diagnosed; since that time, we as a Club, have worked tirelessly to provide Conor with further in-depth assessments and scans.

Since last Fridays injury Conor has been seen by and consulted with our own Glentoran medical team, the IFA senior doctor, specialists and consultants at Kingsbridge medical center: the consensus is now that the bone is in tact.

We thank the Coleraine FC doctor, Peter Reid, for his immediate thoroughness in trauma care, we thank the IFA for the medical team interventions and advice, and we thank the staff and consultants at Kingsbridge private hospital for their Input and guidance.
Our in-house medical team of Dr. Kyle, therapists Sean and Annie have worked around the clock with Conor to get him back on his feet - they all deserve immense credit.
This has been a massive collaborative effort.

We know that the entire Glentoran family and the wider football community across NI will welcome this positive news.

Conor - 
“Thanks to everyone who has been supportive this week; I’m just glad to be back and available to train again”