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Mersey Street Memories: David Rainey

Mon, 13/07/2020 - 01:56

Many thanks to the Glentoran Supporters Committee (1923) for use of this  interview with Eddy Patrick from the Glentoran Gazette

What were your best moments in a Glens’ shirt?

I’d say my best and most memorable moments would be my firsts. First European match, first league win, first Irish cup win.

Favourite goal you scored for the Glens?

Has to be the one against Crusaders at the oval. It was half cleared to the edge of the box, and I volleyed it back across the keeper and into the far top corner.

Do you wish you had spent more years at the Oval?

Yes! Because at that time we were winning lots of trophies. But it wasn’t my decision to leave. But in the end, it was a step back which lead to better things to come.

What do you miss about playing beside the actual football?

When I do finally hang them up, I will miss the craic around a dressing room. The camaraderie I have had over the years with fellow players will also be missed.

Are you involved in football in any way now?

Still involved with H&W Welders, player coach. But I feel this will be the last season for me.

Funniest thing that happened in the Glens’ changing room?

Has to be the time May McFetridge came to the dressing room one night before training. It was the week leading up to playing Portadown at home to win the league. Think Justy got the worst of it or maybe Big Chris.

Can you name the best players you played with while at the Glens?

Alan Gough

Colin Nixon  Chris Walker  John Devine  John Kennedy

Paul Leeman  Pete Batey  Scott Young

Rory Hamill  David Rainey  Stuart Elliott


Who would be the best Glentoran manager you've played under to manage this team?

Well I only played under one Glentoran manager, and if he was it, I wouldn’t be selected.

Who narrowly misses out on getting into the XI?

Wayne Russell (GK) Michael Ferguson (LB) Tim McCann (RW) Justin McBride (CF) Brian Russell (CF)

Who would be your captain?

That’s a hard one! Big John was the captain when I was there, and a great one at that. But Paul Leeman did great things as captain when he was handed it. Seeing as I won trophies with Paul at both Glentoran and Crusaders I’m gonna have to say Paul.

Top scorer in the team?

Now that is another hard one! There are goals all over that team. Colin and John scored plenty of goals. Leeper, Pete, and Scott were all goal scoring midfielders. That front three is full of different qualities and various styles of goals.  Stuart could score solo goals, headers, and free kicks. Plus, he never passed, so I’m going to say Stuart.

Most skilful player in among your selection?

Definitely Stuart again. He had this unbelievable pace but could twist and turn at pace with the ball still stuck to his toe

Who would be the first to get a red card if things got heated?

Definitely the two heavyweights in midfield, Leeper and Big Pete. Both of them knew how to hit you in a tackle, training included.