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250 Club: Pete Batey

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:00

Many thanks to the Glentoran Supporters Committee (1923) for use of this material. The  "250 Club" series will consist of interviews with club members and other great Glentoran players with Eddy Patrick over the past few seasons.

Pete Batey

259 appearances

28 goals

Played 1995-2002

You spent many years at The Oval, what was your best moment in a Glens shirt?

I was lucky to play in a few finals, but being captain of the 2000-01 Irish cup win over Linfield was probably the highlight

Favourite goal you scored for the Glens?

Most were from only a few yards out and not that memorable, so I’ll go for my goal against Macabbi Haifa (40 yarder)

Do you get to watch many Irish League or Glentoran matches now?

Unfortunately not, as keen cyclist I am competing most weekends, but do keep an eye out for their results.

Best match you ever played in for Glens?

Probably the Irish Cup Final v Linfield

Pete's favourite memory, Irish Cup Final 2000-2001

Best player ever played with at Glentoran?

Glen Little

Toughest opponent?

Honestly, our training matches were harder than most matches; there wasn’t a player that wouldn’t go through you. They were real fiery affairs. Liam Dunne at the Crues was always tough to play against.

Can you name the best players you played with while at the Glens with positions?


   Wayne Russell

Colin Nixon  John Devine  Gary Smyth  Mark Glendenning

Tim McCann  Scott Young  Glenn Little

Stuart Elliott  Andy Kirk  David Rainey


Who would be the Glentoran manager you've played under to manage this team?

Roy Coyle would certainly win trophies with it, but I’m going to go for Tommy Cassidy, I thought he was a great tactician and in my option way ahead himself in regard to coaching

Who narrowly misses out on getting into the XI?

You always feel a little awkward when asked to name your best eleven as there’s very little between so many players. Chris Walker could easily get in to that back line, Leeper the same. Then there’s Darren Lockhart who only missed out because I went 4-3-3, there was a young Marty Hunter who I thought would take the league by storm, but unfortunately his knees were made of Weetabix. Then there’s Rory Hamill, Justy, Big Stevie Livingstone, Darren Parker, Derek Cook, Michael Smyth, Neil Armstrong, Philip Mitchell and many more (apologies if I’ve missed someone out) who were all very good player2

Pete with the Irish Cup in May 2000

Who would be your captain?

Big John Devine.

Top scorer in the team?

Goals all over that team!!! But I reckon Andy will just shade it from Stuarty

Most skilful player in among your selection?

I remember Glenn being told not to train with us as he made us all look crap, Stuart was different class too and Nicky was very skilful.

But I’ll go with Glenn, I haven’t seen anyone as good since he played.

Who would be the first to get a red card if things got heated?

SAS or Davy Rainey!