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250 Club: Jason Hill

Wed, 08/07/2020 - 02:49

Many thanks to the Glentoran Supporters Committee (1923) for use of this material. The  "250 Club" series will consist of interviews with club members and other great Glentoran players with Eddy Patrick over the past few seasons.

Jason Hill

327 appearances

16 goals

Played 2002-2014


You spent many years at The Oval, what were your best moments in a Glens’ shirt?

My best moments would have been Irish cup success against Cliftonville after the club being in bad position financially. Also winning league under Alan McDonald.

Also our successes in Europe. Scoring winning penalty against Linfield at the Kop End of Windsor which is always good.

Favourite goal and most important goal you ever scored for the Glens?

I really didn’t score that many but most important would of been in the Setanta cup semi-final when I scored in first half and we went down to 9 men with big Leeper and me getting sent off. They missed a penalty and we went on to win 1 nil.

Did you ever think you’d end up as a left back after years of playing as a striker?

No not really. I think I was lucky in that aspect. I remember my first game at left back it was Windy who asked me to play left back against Glenavon. I'd never played there before so it was a bit surreal but actually I did really well. Then our next game was against Drogheda in the Setanta cup and I got sent off in the first half. Also, I’m playing up front for the legends with David Rainey and scoring for fun. Philip Stevenson must have seen something in me in that position.

Anything you’d wish you’d done differently in your career?

Scored the penalty in Latvia if I had scored, I’m convinced we would have gone on to win the game.

I try not to bring football home with me, but I was so hard to live with if we got beat or if I had a bad game

You were known to be a hard worker for the team but who was the toughest opponent?

Jim Ervin was tough and so consistent. Best player would have been Glenn Ferguson

Funniest thing that’s ever happened in the Glens’ changing room?

So many funny things but I can’t mention them here. One I can mention was the boys getting Glentoran's Fonacab password account and all the boys getting free taxis. I didn’t get one.

Aside from the actual football what do you miss most about playing for Glentoran?

I miss winning things and preparing for games and the craic in changing rooms

Are you involved in football in any way nowadays?

Yes, I’m helping out at Glenavon where I take under 18s.

Can you name the best players you played with while at the Glens?


Elliott Morris

Colin Nixon  Gary Smyth  Paul Leeman  Jason Hill

Tim McCann  Darren Lockhart  Shane McCabe  Stephen Carson

Gary Hamilton   Michael Halliday

Who would be the best Glentoran manager you've played under to manage this team?

I would say big Windy as he helped me so much with his man management second to none

Who narrowly misses out on getting into the XI?

Mark Glendinning should be in before me. Scott Young only because we won the league with Shane McCabe. Sean Ward, Dean Fitzgerald and I have to mention Marcus Kane he will fall out with me if I don’t. So many I can’t get in.

Who would be your captain?

There are about 5 captains in that team

Top scorer in the team?


Most skilful player in among your selection?

Hamilton again but Carson would run him close.

Who would be the first to get a red card if things got heated?

Me probably but Shane McCabe would run me close