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250 Club: Andy Mathieson

Thu, 21/05/2020 - 02:06

With everyone away from the Oval for an undetermined period, we have decided to bring Glentoran supporters some of the most compelling content from the multi award winning Glentoran Gazette. We hope you will enjoy the stories and player interviews we bring and that it will encourage you to buy a Gazette at our home matches when football returns. Many thanks to the Glentoran Supporters Committee (1923) for use of this material. The  "250 Club" series will consist of interviews with current squad members with Eddy Patrick this season.

Andy Mathieson

288 appearances

41 goals

Played 1985-1998


You made 288 appearances.  What matches stand out for you above all others?
Yeah, I made 288 appearances scoring 41 goals.  Every game was special, and every goal was enjoyable. The games to win the league at both Coleraine and Carrick were special occasions. The hard work put in by everyone, including supporters, and winning the title after a season of hard work was very rewarding for all connected to Glentoran.

What was it like to play against that great Marseille team in 1992?
Playing against a great team like Marseille with so many world class players was unbelievable.  Even though we lost both games, they were wonderful experiences.

When you were a kid what footballers did you admire the most?
‘Ive been a Glentoran supporter since I was around ten years old. I can remember meeting at Nabneys on many a Saturday to walk over to Windsor Park and Seaview, great days out. It was fantastic to have the pleasure of watching some great teams and individuals which included the likes of the late Denis Matthews, Rab McCreery, Dermot Keely, Billy Caskey, Jimmy Cleary, Gary Blackledge; actually too many to name. Then for me to have the experience of running out with some of these players was just fairy-tale stuff for a Glenman.

Who were the biggest influences in your career?
All the managers I’ve played under, from when I was a boy until my last one which was Roy Coyle, helped me massively throughout my career, and of course not forgetting the real Gaffer, Philip in the Legends set up. Also a special mention has to go to the legendary Manchester United scout Bob Bishop who give me my dream chance across the water. My late mother and my wife Maxine were big influences in my career, especially my mother when I was living and growing up in Manchester at such a young age.

Andy playing against Marseilles in the European Cup in 1992

Up until signing for the Glens, who were you playing for as a youngster?
I started like most kids playing for my school team which was Tullycarnet Primary. This progressed to playing for a boys’ team on a Saturday morning which was called Carnhill. I played there for four or five years with big Windy.  Carnhill folded so then we went to play for Dungoyne for a season. After that we then went on to Glentoran Colts who were managed by the late Billy Spence.  What a top guy he was.

What is your most precious piece of memorabilia you own from your career?
I’ve won a lot of medals throughout my career which over the years I’ve passed on to different people. I still have a league medal which I’m sure will be passed on soon.

Biggest regret in football?
I’m proud to say that I was able to give it a go across the water with Manchester United. Unfortunately I was good enough to get there but wasn’t good enough to make it last. I decided to come home and the only club I wanted to play for was Glentoran. I had eleven great years at the club but unfortunately due to a serious leg break I had to call it a day at the tender age of 30. I would have loved to have played longer but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. 

Do you get down to the Oval to watch the odd game?  If so, what are your thoughts on the current players, team and club overall?
I get down to watch as many games as I possibly can. I still turn out for a few minutes for the Legends - well when the gaffer selects me - which we all love doing. We have great craic when we get together, and it’s a great feeling when you are raising money for local charities.

Andy was a star man in the 1991-92 League winning team