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Glens Christmas Gift to Royal Maternity Unit

Sun, 17/01/2021 - 01:11

Moko delivers the goods at the Royal

This was a deep personal tribute from Marcus and Aimee as at the end of November, baby Bowie Harrie Kane arrived eleven weeks early and the staff at ICU RVH have taken such good care and shown so much love to Marcus, Aimee, daughter Mollie and Baby Bowie. This was Glentoran’s way of saying "thank you" to the staff at the Maternity Unit for all their work on half of parents and babies throughout 2020.

Earlier this year the Glentoran Family, supported by players and fans from across the Irish League community, raised almost £30,000 for Bereavement Services RVH Maternity Unit through the #HikeFor Harrie campaign in memory of Marcus and Aimee’s baby son Harrie.

The total amount raised by the hamper was £2530. The club warmly thanks everyone who bought tickets with special mentions to Mr Paul McLean (McLean Bookmakers, official sponsor of Glentoran FC), Chris Morgan (Clubsport NI, kit supplier to Glentoran FC and former Glentoran player) and David Griffiths (Lilliput Laundries).