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Fighting Food Poverty in East Belfast

Wed, 19/03/2014 - 18:17

Fighting Food Poverty in East Belfast. 

Glentoran has always been known as a community club but in recent years the feeling among fans is that the club could possible do more. We have many supporters clubs who raise money or do their bit to raise awareness for charities etc but there is an organization right on our doorstep who are doing their bit to put food on peoples tables, literally!

Next door to the Oval in Parkgate Drive is St Christopher's Church and approx 18 months ago they opened "The Larder" within the church grounds and have since been reaching out out to local people who are finding it increasingly difficult in recent times. "The Larder" helps feed approx 80 families a month in your area in times of emergency. 

Grounds Director, Kevin Milhench has recently touched base with the volunteers at the church and with assistance from a group of volunteers at Glentoran, we feel that we could reach out and help this very worthwhile cause. 

Having plenty of food in the cupboard is something easily taken for granted. But what would happen if your salary stopped? You might last a few weeks, perhaps even a few months. After that, where would you turn? Many people in East Belfast have no answer to this question. Thousands live close to or at the edge of their finances. For many simply getting by is a struggle. So when personal crisis hits - redundancy, illness, homelessness, separation - finding the next meal can be virtually impossible. 

One hundred percent of what you food you donate will go directly to seeing those who are most vulnerable find hope and a brighter future. Every gift makes a difference.

On Saturday 22nd March, there will be volunteers from St Christopher’s Church standing at the turnstiles collecting donations from our wonderful fans. When you’re doing your weekly shop, would it be so much to ask you to purchase an extra tin of beans or soup, pasta or a box of cereal and bring it along to the drop-off collection point at the turnstiles. Lots of people have that tin of food at the back of the cupboard that will never be used so, bring it with you and make a difference to someone less fortunate. 

It could be your family, your friends or your neighbours that you will be helping.