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Charity For The 2017-18 Season

Charity For The 2017-18 Season

2017-18 Charity - Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI

Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI is the only charity in Northern Ireland dedicated to blood cancer research.

All funds raised remain in Northern Ireland to fund research into the causes and cures for leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma by supporting laboratory research, clinical trials and education.

Our scientists are experts in their field and with their research they aim to understand how the disease develops, better methods of treatment and ultimately improve the outcome and quality of life for all patients affected by blood cancers.

"We are a small, efficient organisation that takes pride in the global impact of our research." Professor Ken Mills -Chair of Experimental Haematology, Queen's University, Belfast.


2016-17 Charity - FIX SAM


2015-16 Charity - Reverse Rett.


2014-15 Charity - Disability Action


2013-14 Charity - JT Inspires

2012-13 Charity - Motor Neurone Disease Assoc.