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The Glentoran Academy

The Academy was founded in June 2008 in order to add a more professional approach to the groundwork achieved since 2002 when the Glentoran Community Initiative catered for the under age team network at Glentoran, initially set up to give something back to the community that has supported us for over 130 years.
The Academy network now extends to children as young as 6 years old with the teams ranging from
Under 8 through to Under 19, all competing in the best development centres and leagues in the country.
At Glentoran we believe that the welfare of the child is an important factor as we help develop the player as they start out on their football career. This is evident in our aims, and in our in-depth child protection policy that is constantly monitored and updated by our clubs child welfare officer.

Aims of the Academy

The aim of the academy is to develop players to the best of their ability to be able to play at the highest level possible for the benefit of both the player, and Glentoran Football Club.
The academy shall promote equality, regarding gender, religion and race, as well as promoting fair play and sportsmanship.
The academy shall compete in all national, international tournaments and coaching experiences as deemed suitable by the Academy Committee in order to increase the player's awareness of other cultures and religions, helping to broaden the player's outlook and experience.

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy Statement

Glentoran Football Club is committed to providing an environment which values and protects all children and young people, regardless of perceived ability, cultural identity or religious beliefs. Staff and volunteers within the Academy accept and recognise their responsibility to develop awareness of the issues that may cause children harm. They will endeavour to safeguard children by:

  • Being alert to the signs and symptoms of child abuse
  •  Adopting child protection guidelines through a code of behaviour for staff and volunteers
  •  Sharing information about concerns with relevant agencies and involving parents and children appropriately
  •  Providing effective training and support for staff and volunteers

Glentoran Football Club is committed to reviewing their Child Protection Policy at a minimum of three yearly intervals in order to ensure continued best practice.

The Child Welfare department at Glentoran Football Club is contactable at:


Communication & Social Networking Policy

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